Scenic view from the Walson Holland farm in Ojai. Bright orange wildflowers grow in the foreground with large trees framing the mountains in the backgtround.

The Walson Holland Story

Walson Holland is a small family winery that crafts thoughtful and meticulous wines with attention to detail and highest quality in every step of the journey from vineyard to bottle. We are proud to work with farmers throughout California’s Central Coast that embody this commitment, and in turn, allow us to make noteworthy wines. The wines are produced by Benjamin Holland, who honed his craft at some of California and New Zealand’s most iconic wineries, including Kosta Browne, Amisfield and Sine Qua Non.

We invite you to join the Walson Holland family. When joining our wine club, you will have access to our Inaugural Allocation and the opportunity to receive future allocations and special release wines.

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